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My journey into music production and engineering began in junior high. Music and technology have always played a significant role in my life. I keep on pursuing my dream as a audio engineer. Along with my musical passion, exists one for technology as well. I always attracted by any kinds of new technologies and interesting equipment. Later during my production and mixing process, I realized that some of the equipment today in the recording studio can’t provide producers and engineers with the highest efficiency and meet their demands. So I set my career goal to set up my pro-audio equipment brand. As a Chinese, I can say that there is no Chinese pro-audio equipment brand today. I dream that one day in the future most of the Chinese producers and engineers are using my product to make music. As a mixing engineer with this dream, I hope that my mixing console, monitors or maybe microphone one day can be used in the legendary studios around the world, maybe become one of the industry standards.

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Gick Monitor Switcher

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